Yes. HP products are rated highly for durability and repairability. We offer refurbishment services for products returned to us, which extend product life, capture more value from natural resources, and reduce environmental impact.

HP provides free service documentation for most products, supplemented with service options and warranties, including through HP Care Pack Central. The HP Customer Self Repair Services Media Library provides tutorials and instructions, and the HP Parts Store sells PC and printer parts.

We test the quality and durability of our Pro and Elite business notebooks, Elite business desktops and all-in-ones, and select thin clients using the rigorous MILSTD- 810G standard. 

Among the personal systems products that received high scores from the iFixit product repair site are the HP EliteBook 840 G6, scoring 10 out of 10 in iFixit’s repairability assessment, which noted easy access and removal of the RAM, SSD, and battery; and the HP EliteBook 830 x360 G6, which scored 9 out of 10. The HP EliteOne 1000 G2 Base Desktop PC, our most serviceable all-in-one1, is our first desktop with an upgradeable PC base and display. This enables customers to upgrade and reconfigure flexibly by keeping their display from the G1 series. 

Many of HP’s home and office printers adhere to relevant eco-label standards for extending product life and conserving materials, including EPEAT® specifications based on IEEE standard 1680.2 as well as Blue Angel environmental criteria. 

Through modular design, we increase upgradeability and enable many of our printers to be easily disassembled for repair or recycling. Customers can exchange parts and have access to a range of repair options. Our printers conform with design requirements to increase the reusability of components and assemblies. Spare parts are available until at least five years after a printer has ceased production. 

HP Indigo and PageWide digital presses are major capital investments for our customers and are designed for upgradeability. Our PageWide industrial web presses were first placed with customers in 2009, and more than 98% are still in operation. Almost three-quarters of Indigo presses have been in use for more than five years, over half for greater than seven years, and nearly one-third for more than ten years. To support repair, refurbishment, and upgrades, HP provides a wide range of services to customers. 

3D printing facilitates on-demand manufacturing of a limitless inventory of spare parts, with the potential to transform the parts supply chain and support extended product use. Using HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, we are ramping up spare parts production in our own business. This enables us to provide spare parts to customers all over the world at low volumes and low cost, extending the life of HP products. 

For further details, see our technical white paper on testing the business ruggedness and reliability of HP Business PCs at 

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1 Based on all-in-ones with self-serviceable hard drive, M.2 storage, webcam, and the ability to remove and service the display and PC individually as of September 1, 2017.