HP offers services related to optimization, maintenance and renewal that extend product life, capture more value from natural resources, and reduce environmental impact.

We provide free service documentation for most products, supplemented with service options and warranties, including through HP Care Pack Central. The HP Customer Self Repair web page provides information and the HP Parts Store sells PC and printer parts. HP Renew Services helps customers securely recover and repurpose or recycle end-of-use devices.

We test the quality and durability of our Pro and Elite notebooks, Pro and Elite desktops and All-in-Ones, and select workstations and mobile thin clients using the rigorous MILSTD- 810G standard. We publish a technical white paper, which includes information about testing the ruggedness and reliability of HP Business PCs as well as detailed test results.

Many of HP’s home and office printers adhere to relevant eco-label standards for extending product life and conserving materials, including EPEAT® specifications based on IEEE standard 1680.2 as well as Blue Angel environmental criteria. Through modular design, we increase upgradeability and enable many of our printers to be easily disassembled for repair or recycling. 

In the summer of 2021, we launched the pilot phase of HP Instant Ink with Planet Partners in Germany (the pilot ran through the summer of 2022). Introduced to several hundred Instant Ink subscribers, the initiative allows customers to choose HP renewed ink cartridges instead of new ones. Renewal reduces the use of materials such as virgin plastics. The pilot increased the total number of times a cartridge was used to two (including one reuse) and we are working to further increase the total number of uses to four. Each four-piece set of HP 953 cartridges saved the equivalent of more than eight 0.5-liter (16.9 ounce) bottles’ worth of plastic. Once cartridges can no longer be renewed, they are able to be recycled by HP Planet Partners. The pilot also confirms that we can deliver this service without impacting the quality and reliability that our customers expect: we did not receive any customer complaints or support calls related to HP renewed cartridges.

HP digital presses are major capital investments for our customers and are designed for upgradeability, repair, and refurbishment. Through firmware updates and component upgrades, HP Indigo presses used by customers are kept up to date. The HP Indigo Certified Pre-Owned program enables us to keep products in use for longer, reducing waste while allowing customers to access HP Indigo products at a lower price point. In 2022, we sold 98 pre-owned presses to customers through the program (17% of total presses delivered). 

As of 2022, 97% of all HP PageWide presses installed are still in use, including the first two presses installed in 2009 and 93% of those installed over 10 years ago. They are kept at their highest value through upgrades such as High-Definition Nozzle Architecture technology and HP Brilliant Inks. By extending product life, more value can be captured from natural resources while reducing environmental impact.

Our technical white paper on testing the ruggedness and reliability of HP Business PCs is available at http://www8.hp.com/h20195/v2/GetPDF.aspx/4AA6-0823ENW.pdf.

For more information, please see the Climate Action section of the 2022 HP Sustainable Impact Report at www.hp.com/go/report.