Yes. We design HP products to use resources efficiently and to last a long time. When our products eventually reach the end of their service, our robust product repair, reuse, and recycling programs help to ensure that products and materials are repurposed, which keeps them at their highest value state for as long as possible. This circular flow avoids waste and can give materials and products renewed life. These efforts support our transformation toward a more materials-efficient circular model. 

HP offers take-back programs in 76 countries and territories worldwide1 through a global network of reuse and recycling vendors.

Our specialist reuse and recycling vendors are required to follow environmentally responsible processing techniques and comply fully with relevant regulations. Vendors in countries where EPEAT registers products must attain third-party certification (R2, e-Stewards, or WEEELABEX), and elsewhere HP favors vendors with these certifications, which have similar requirements to HP Recycling Standards.

Through 2019 we recycled 528,300 tonnes of hardware and supplies, building on our long-standing commitment to recycle 1.2 million tonnes by 2025. 

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1 This is the number of countries or territories where HP offers hardware recycling and/or HP ink cartridge recycling and/or HP toner cartridge recycling