Yes. Our specialized reuse and recycling vendors are required to follow environmentally responsible processing techniques and comply fully with relevant regulations. HP prefers our vendors to attain third-party certification (R2, e-Stewards, or WEEELABEX) in line with EPEAT® and HP Recycling Standards. In addition, we commission third-party audits to monitor vendor conformance with our high standards and ensure that returned items are processed appropriately. We contract with Environmental Resources Management (ERM) to audit vendors for conformance with the following policies and vendor standards: 

Audits assess vendors’ environmental, health, and safety practices and performance, and ensure that there is no “leakage” of materials to facilities outside our approved vendor network. Vendors with identified non-conformances must submit corrective action plans within 30 days and address those items within 90 days. In extreme cases, we will cease business with vendors that lack sufficient transparency or are unwilling to make the changes we require.

Through ERM, HP audited 34 vendor facilities in 22 countries during 2020. This included repeat audits of 19 vendor facilities to evaluate their efforts to improve performance. Because 51% of major nonconformances occurred at sites audited for the first time, HP’s engagement brought best practices, enabling immediate performance improvements. HP has closed investigations of 100% of the major nonconformances identified in 2020. Most sites with major nonconformances will be re-audited the following year to determine whether improvements are sustained.

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