Sustainable Impact is at the heart of HP’s business strategy. We aim to be the world’s most sustainable and just technology company, and in 2021 we announced our most comprehensive and ambitious Sustainable Impact agenda yet.

Through innovative products and services, we are progressing toward our vision to become a fully circular company. We aspire to use 100% renewable energy and send zero waste to landfill across our manufacturing processes. We are also improving energy efficiency, using more sustainable materials, and making substantial investments in forests.

Our products incorporate increasing amounts of recycled materials, including ocean-bound plastic. We also design them to be durable and easily repaired so they can stay in use for as long as possible, while our innovative, service-based solutions reduce environmental impacts through extended life, device optimization, and simple take-back. Our repair, reuse, and recycling services help to recover products, components, and materials for the next generation of products. 

The HP Circularity accounting manual, providing additional details on the calculation methodology for the Circularity metric of HP Inc. is available at

For more information, see the Climate Action section of the 2022 HP Sustainable Impact Report: