Yes. Our sustainable packaging strategy focuses on elimination, innovation, and circulation, to enhance customer experience while driving progress toward a circular and low-carbon economy.

These principles are underpinned by HP’s General Specification for the Environment, which requires suppliers to restrict substances of concern in our packaging, and requires 100% of materials used in HP packaging to be recyclable1, except where specifically approved by HP. We also require that all HP packaging be separable using the following criteria to enable recyclability of packaging:

  • Packaging components weighing greater than 25 g shall be separable from other packaging components made of dissimilar materials without the use of tools once the product is removed. An example of a method that is not acceptable includes using permanent glue or adhesives to attach foam cushions to corrugated fiberboard.
  • Plastics shall be separable from each other based on their marked resin identification code. Exceptions include:
    • Plastic bags (or wrap) affixed with paper labels that meet either of the following criteria:

a. Combined weight of the single bag (or wrap) and label is < 25 g

b. The surface area of the label is < 50 cm2

  • Pallets or pallet assemblies
  • Tape, glue, or staples used to construct or close a container

Furthermore, we require our suppliers and licensees to follow the HP Sustainable Paper and Wood Policy for the paper, packaging, and wood incorporated into HP products that they provide.

Additionally, we offer packaging take-back services, and regularly update our Recycle your HP packaging guide to help consumers avoid landfills.

To see a copy of the HP Sustainable Paper and Wood Policy, please go to

To learn more about the HP General Specification for the Environment program, see

1 As defined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)