HP recycles hardware (both HP and non-HP) that cannot be economically repaired or reused. We offer hardware take-back options in 66 countries and territories worldwide through a global network of reuse and recycling vendors.

We belong to compliance systems to comply with producer responsibility requirements of the European Union (EU) Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive1 and end-of-life legal obligations in countries across our Americas, Asia Pacific and Japan, and Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions.

Consumers, home office, and commercial users have various free recycling options for used equipment, including HP recycling vendors that provide take-back and recycling services or free drop-off for our products in many countries. In the United States, customers can drop off hardware at Best Buy stores through our closed-loop recycling program.

HP Recycling Services offers custom recycling programs for commercial and enterprise customers, which include reverse logistics and data sanitization with a certificate if they purchase that service.

For further information and to participate in the Planet Partners Program, see http://www.hp.com/recycle.

1 During 2022, 36,891 tonnes of waste electronic equipment were collected on HP’s behalf to comply with producer responsibility requirements of the EU WEEE Directive, compared to 74,954 tonnes of HP electronic equipment placed on the relevant markets during the year. Data includes EU countries in which the authorities or the legislative system provide visibility of the recycling volume allocated to HP. Take-back volumes related to non-EU legislation are excluded.