HP sets clear requirements of 3TG suppliers in our Supply Chain Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy (includes Conflict Minerals Policy), General Specification for the Environment

We assess these suppliers’ responses to the RMI Conflict Minerals Reporting Template, which gives companies a common format for sharing information about 3TG sources with business partners and suppliers across the supply chain. We require corrective action from suppliers where needed and provide them training upon request. If any 3TG supplier reports sourcing from a smelter that triggers one of our potential risk indicators, we work with the supplier to establish whether unverified material is potentially used in HP products. When we identify a risk of this occurring, we request the supplier to remove the smelter from our supply chain. If a supplier is non-responsive, we use our procurement leverage to engage the supplier and improve performance. 

Should the issue persist, we use our sustainability incident management process to drive cooperation with the non-responsive supplier.

Also, supplier behavior is driven by clearly communicated expectations, consistent follow up, and in-depth engagement with high-spend and high-priority suppliers through HP’s Supplier Sustainability Scorecard process.