We conduct internal compliance audits and benchmark against industry best practices on an ongoing basis. We regularly measure our environmental performance and challenge ourselves when making annual improvement plans. All locations must proactively implement company-wide health and safety standards. Any new equipment and chemicals, along with any changes to the work environment, are reviewed for safety and environmental issues, and any issues are addressed accordingly.

We perform annual risk assessments at all of our chemical-intensive and manufacturing sites. In 2022, we conducted on-site audits wherever possible. Where the pandemic prevented in-person visits, we conducted remote audits or postponed them until 2023. Management reviews the findings of all audits, and any deficiencies are identified, and action plans are developed.

To obtain a copy of the HP ISO 14001 Certificate, see www.hp.com/go/sustainability_iso14001.

For more information, please see the Climate Action section of the 2022 HP Sustainable Impact Report at: www.hp.com/go/report.