Our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Policy and EHS management system (which has been implemented in all of HP’s operational sites) help manage our environmental impact, improve worker safety, verify progress toward our goals and adherence to internal standards, and document compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We investigate all allegations that our facilities failed to comply with applicable laws and take corrective action when needed. 

Every year, we perform an environmental risk assessment on all of our chemical-intensive high- and medium-risk locations (including all manufacturing sites), as well as at low-risk sites when required by law. Internal audits are conducted annually at complex locations1, and at least once every three years at high-risk sites. During 2019, all 9 HP manufacturing sites were audited through either on-site visits by HP EHS auditors or self-audits. Management reviews the findings of all audits, and any deficiencies are identified and action plans are developed.

To obtain a copy of the HP ISO14001 Certificate, see www.hp.com/go/sustainability_iso14001.

1 Complex locations include sites above a certain size with research and development, production, or manufacturing activities; sites with chemical lab operations; and sites with elevated risk due to regulatory reasons, such as placement in countries where management can be held personally liable for injuries.