Does HP comply with European Packaging Directive 94/62/EC?
Yes. Please find the official Statement of Conformance at
Has HP established environmental guidelines for product packaging?
Our sustainable packaging strategy has three focus areas, aiming to enhance customer experience while driving progress toward a circular and net zero carbon...
What are you doing to reduce/eliminate the in-the-box packaging materials?
We are reducing the amount of paper shipped 'in the box' with HP products, including manuals, guides and warranties. We are doing so by changing spe...
Does your packaging contain halogen-containing polymers or any intentionally added toxic substances?
No. HP’s General Specification for the Environment (GSE) includes HP's global environmental requirements for all packaging used for selling or shipping ...
Is the Green Dot featuring on HP Inc. packaging?
Germany specific. Please see German translation.
Compliance with German packaging regulations
Germany specific. Please see German translation.
Does HP offer multi-unit bulk packaging configurations for large customer orders?
For select desktops and notebooks, HP offers multi-unit eco-packaging which packages multiple units into a slimmed-down, single packaging solution. These mu...