Wastewater from HP operations does not present a significant environmental risk to the locations in which we operate, due to the wastewater infrastructure and regulations in these locations. Where required, discharge quality is verified by an independent third party to ensure that environmental, health, and safety (EHS) performance is consistent with our commitment to the HP EHS Standards for Air and Water within the HP Environmental, Health and Safety Policy, and that we meet or exceed all applicable legal requirements, local codes, and regulations.

Our imaging and printing product-manufacturing facilities generate process effluents that are pre-treated, strictly monitored, and discharged under government-issued permits to municipal wastewater plants or third-party treatment plants. These permits require dischargers to use the best available treatment technologies to eliminate harmful discharge, dependent on the types of pollutants present in the wastewater. HP does not discharge directly to waterways.

We implement procedures to prevent unauthorized discharges of chemicals to our facility wastewater systems and ensure that these sites do not discharge wastewater directly to surface water or to groundwater.