Yes. HP complies fully with materials regulations. We were among the first companies to extend the restrictions in the European Union (EU) Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive to our products worldwide through the HP GSE. HP has contributed to the development of related legislation in Europe, as well as China, India, and Vietnam.

We believe the RoHS directive and similar laws play an important role in promoting industry-wide elimination of substances of concern. We have supported the inclusion of additional substances—including PVC, BFRs, and certain phthalates—in future RoHS legislation that pertains to electrical and electronics products.

We met our voluntary objective to achieve worldwide compliance with the new EU RoHS requirements for virtually all relevant products by July 2013, and we will continue to extend the scope of the commitment to include further restricted substances as regulations continue to evolve.

To obtain a copy of the HP RoHS Compliance Statement, see HP RoHS position statement.