Product certifications help drive performance across the industry by providing comprehensive information that enables customers to make more sustainable product choices. We share extensive product safety and environmental information online and contribute to the development of new standards.

In 2020, approximately $7 billion of HP sales was enabled by eco-labels, accessibility, human rights, and supply chain responsibility.1

A comprehensive overview of such eco-labeling and certification programs, as well as the products associated with them, can be found in the Documents and Reports section of our Sustainable Impact website:

1 In 2020, requirements related to eco-labels supported approximately $7 billion in new sales; accessibility more than $6 billion in retained, existing, and new sales; human rights more than $6 billion in potential, existing, and new sales; and supply chain responsibility more than $2 billion in retained, existing, and new sales. In most cases, customer purchasing requirements include multiple criteria, so these numbers should not be totaled.