We confirm that toner collection units (TCU), referred to as "collection kits" in the Planet Partners web site, can be returned for recycling together with toner cartridges. Other toner long-life consumables such as fuser kits and transfer kits can also be returned this way.

Instructions for safely handling the toner collection unit's replacement:

  1. Open the front door of the printer 
  2. Release the latches and remove the TCU
  3. The outside of the TCU tends to be covered with quite a bit of toner/carrier dust
  4. We ship a plastic bag with the replacement – please gently place the full TCU in this plastic bag
  5. Place the sealed TCU in the Planet Partners Program collection box

Please note that this information extends to our bulk box collection program only. These products cannot/should not be returned using individual postage-paid return labels.

Please refer to the link below, which clarifies which types of toner supplies/consumables are accepted in the program: