Many original HP toner and ink cartridges are assessed for compliance with the German Blue Angel environmental label for printers and multifunctional devices as part of the entire printing system. Original HP cartridges for Blue Angel certified HP printing systems (DE-UZ 205) fulfil several cartridge criteria including e.g. emissions performance, design for recycling, and used substances requirements. Detailed information sheets on conformity of such cartridges with Blue Angel criteria can be requested – please just submit a ticket. Further environmental features of original HP cartridges can be found in Toner Environmental Fact Sheets (TES) and Ink Environmental Fact Sheets (IES).

HP also offers self-declared environmental claims in IT ECO Declarations both for original HP toner cartridges and for original HP ink cartridges. The Eco Declaration was launched in 1996 and became an International ECMA-370 standard in 2006. In 2006, HP led the project to broaden the scope to include print supplies. In the declared information for print supplies there are criteria from eco labels included, e.g. from the Blue Angel and details on certain chemical substances.

To view relevant IT ECO Declarations, see

Note that the Blue Angel for the product category printers and multifunctional devices (DE-UZ 205) covers the most comprehensive environmental requirements. The Blue Angel for remanufactured toner cartridges (RAL-UZ 177) does not cover the entire printing system and omits a number of important criteria for this whole printing system’s environmental and safety performance.

Nordic Swan and Blue Angel (RAL-UZ 177) eco label criteria specifically aimed at remanufactured toner cartridges cannot be obtained by manufacturers of original supplies by definition. HP does not offer remanufactured print cartridges because they do not meet the quality and reliability standards HP original cartridges possess. Alternatively, the HP Planet Partners Program for recycling collects HP print cartridges to recover raw materials or energy. No cartridges returned through this program end up in landfill.

Many HP toner and ink printing systems are awarded with the Blue Angel environmental label for printers and multifunctional devices (DE-UZ 205) – an overview of the certified devices can be accessed here on For further information, see and the following links:

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