When HP personal systems products reach end of use, we support responsible collection and processing to recover

and reuse as much material as possible and reduce negative impacts on the environment and communities. Through

HP Recover and Renew Services, business customers can securely recover, repurpose, or recycle HP or non-HP devices when they reach end of use.

• HP Device Recovery Services: We buy used devices securely to give them new purpose, extend their lifespans, and reduce negative environmental impact. Customers receive residual value, a certificate of data sanitization, a Sustainability Benefit report which details the environmental benefits of reuse, and peace of mind that relevant requirements and regulations governing disposal have been met. 

• HP Sanitization Services: Confidential data is securely erased according to the NIST 800-88 standard , or the storage media is destroyed, before removing or recycling customers’ old devices.

• HP Recycling Services: Devices are recycled securely, giving the materials a new life. Customers receive a certificate of data sanitization if they purchase that service. We help customers make a smooth transition to new devices, adhering to customer policies for device end of use and supporting social initiatives and environmental directives.