We work with production suppliers to improve waste measurement and reporting, reduce waste volumes, and drive progress toward a circular economy. During 2018, HP participated in the RBA environmental sustainability workgroup to revise the organization’s supplier environmental survey. With this revision, HP will be able to engage suppliers on waste management and prevention in greater detail, including landfill diversion.

During 2018, the most recent year data is available, our suppliers generated 144,000 tonnes of nonhazardous waste associated with HP, a 17% increase from 2017, and 56,000 tonnes of hazardous waste, also up 17% compared to the prior year. This was due primarily to HP’s business growth as well as more complete waste data. By the end of 2018, 72% of our production suppliers, by spend, had set waste-related goals, up from 59% the prior year.

Building on a successful zero waste to landfill project in Brazil, we launched a similar pilot project in 2017 at a site of a major supplier in China, with the objective of diverting more than 95% of waste from landfill through reduction, reuse, and recycling. This supplier is scheduled to receive third-party zero waste certification in 2019. We are exploring expanding this program to additional suppliers.