The components of the inks contained in original HP print cartridges will differ depending on the particular cartridge. In addition, the potential for adverse effects will be dependent on body weight. It should be noted that it would be extremely difficult for a person to extract from a print cartridge the volume needed to result in illness; however, HP recommends that parents in particular keep print cartridges away from small children.

HP encourages users to seek professional medical advice in case of accidental ingestion of any HP supplies product containing ink. The HP Health Line has been established to assist customers in obtaining answers to health-related questions concerning HP ink products. This phone line is staffed around the clock by trained medical professionals and is available at no cost to the customer. In the United States and Canada, customers may call toll free (800) 457-4209.  All other callers should dial (503) 494-7199.  Collect calls are accepted and staff members fluent in over 200 languages are ready to offer assistance.