As of January 1, 2020 HP as a shipper is obliged to provide UN 38.3 Lithium Battery Test Summary Reports on request. As per IATA instructions this does not mean that the shipper must supply the test summary or that the test summary must accompany a consignment. The general view is that the test summary will only be requested in the event of an incident or where there is doubt as to compliance of the consignment.

Please note that UN 38.3 Lithium Battery Test Summary Reports contain battery test information such as thermal, vibration, shock, discharge, drop, impact etc. 

To obtain the respective UN Report, please visit


To find the desired UN Report, you would need to identify the product’s battery regulatory model number (RMN#). 

Please use the dedicated drop-down menus to easily navigate through product categories and document languages.

Alternatively you can search based on the battery sub-assembly number or product compatibility

On the website you can find tips and tricks how to find these identification numbers easily. 


Should you not find the UN Report you need, you can use our webform designed to support such requests. HP’s professional experts at the Sustainability Team are there to help you with providing the requested document.