There is no requirement or need for a "current MSDS" as defined by a calendar year. The MSDS is created when the battery is created and released. As long as the battery remains unchanged, the MSDS is still "current" no matter how long ago it was written.

HP understands customer/carrier concerns with annual changes in the dangerous goods regulations. What have actually changed in these regulations are the shipping requirements (packaging, labeling, and documentation) and not requirements for the batteries themselves.

As an example physical battery requirements to ship an HP lithium battery, exempted from Class 9 dangerous goods requirements, have not changed.

The battery must meet the 38.3 tests, less than 5kg, 100 wh or less, watt hours must be stamped on battery casing. These requirements have not changed.

There have been significant changes in how these batteries are packaged, labeled, and documented. But that information is unrelated to the battery physical characteristics described in the MSDS.

Please also note that the IATA state that MSDS documents are NOT required for Li-Ion and Li-metal batteries and have never been required.