The German Blue Angel environmental label is awarded to HP laser and ink printing systems for meeting more than 100 strict criteria. Blue Angel certified HP printing systems are characterized by

  • low energy consumption,
  • moderate noise levels,
  • controlled emissions (chemical and particles),
  • sustainable use of materials as well as
  • long-life and recyclable design.

Certification of HP printing systems is conducted with original toner and ink cartridges only. Thus, HP can only ensure compliance of its certified printers and multifunctional devices with the Blue Angel criteria when they are operated with original HP supplies.

The Blue Angel is the world’s oldest eco label and can be regarded as the leading label for environmental and safety aspects in the office printing market – many other labels follow the Blue Angel worldwide.

More information can be found in the Blue Angel Fact Sheet. This document provides details on the environmental performance of Blue Angel certified HP printing systems.