Page yields for HP printers on standard settings can be found at the following website:  Ink/toner usage will correspond with number and type of prints.

With regards printing in Economode, you can receive a higher yield; however we cannot say by how much.  Also, Economode is intended to be used for printing drafts and proofs only. 

Energy, paper and therefore cost savings can be found through selecting for example Energy Star rated products, enabling energy saving features and selecting duplex printing. 

For details, please access the Blue Angel User Information documents which include comprehensive information on use of recycled paper, duplex printing, energy consumption and energy saving tips as well as cartridge yield. HP provides these documents for each Blue Angel certified HP printing system. They cover environmental information including specifications on noise levels, substances and particles release, longevity as well as return and recycling options.

For environmental profiles of the printers in your office, please refer to the IT Eco-declarations at the following website.  These provide information on a number of aspects, including figures for energy consumption in various modes: