Currently, the IT Eco Declaration shows "Energy Star" (ES) related energy values in section P9.  

Technically, Energy Star does not require or maintain data on all of the various operational modes like active and ready modes.  This is because for the product category we are in, ES criteria are based on TEC values.  Therefore, we show the Typical Energy Consumption (TEC) value and we also choose to show sleep mode and off mode because they are data items that we get while testing for ES TEC.  Future IT Eco structure should help us to more accurately show various data for products.

Regarding "auto-off": some laserjet products have an auto-off function enabled at shipment and others do not.  The ENERGY STAR TEC test method specifies that for products with auto-off enabled at shipment that function must be disabled during the test.  As that value is not measured during the test it is not reported in the IT ECO Declaration. However, ALL of the products have the auto-off capability and the user can set this. It is just not default at shipment.  When the customer chooses to enable the auto-off feature, the product goes into actual (same as) "off" mode.  Therefore, if the product is set to go into "auto-off" the power consumption for this will be the same as what is reported for regular (or manual) "off" mode.

More info on the formation of TEC in Imaging Equipment is available in the Energy Star Specifications for Imaging Equipment.