Yes. Our Design for the Environment (DfE) program establishes the approach, tools, and processes that guide product design teams and environmental product stewards to drive ongoing improvement.

HP uses formal management systems and rigorous frameworks in our product design processes. Product design and development operations for our HP LaserJet Enterprise Solutions, HP Inkjet Printing Systems, and Personal Systems product groups are ISO 14001 certified ( This demonstrates that our entire design process across these product areas adheres to the environmental management systems standard. We audit our design and related compliance activities, benchmark against industry best practices, and, where appropriate, seek external environmental certification for our products.

Our DfE program focuses on the following areas:

  • Materials innovation—We strive to use materials that have lower environmental impacts and use less material overall. Where possible, we use materials with increased recycled and recyclable content.
  • Energy efficiency—We design products that require less energy to manufacture and use.
  • Products-as-a-service—We continue to expand our product-based service offerings, such as HP Managed Print Services, HP Instant Ink, and PC Services (such as HP Subscription Services and HP TouchPoint Manager.
  • Durability and repairability—HP gives customers more options by designing devices that are easier than ever to repair and upgrade, which extends their useful lives while keeping costs down.
  • End-of-service options—We make product return and recycling easy for our customers—see

For more information, please see the Products and Solutions section of our Sustainability website: