In pretty much all countries of the EU there is what we call Compliance Take Back programs, for which we don't collect packaging form our customers but we do finance (4M euros/year) the recycling of the packaging that our customers (or anyone) drop in the municipalities and yellow containers.


Particularly in Germany the packaging obligations are more strict than in the rest of countries and we do (have to) offer pick up of packaging at a customer locations.


Finally, in Portugal, Poland and UK there is an "EPEAT Packaging take back program". We enabled the minimum operation possible to meet an EPEAT criteria. Service we offer is to recycle the packaging for free as long as the packaging is dropped off in the facility – HP does not take care of the logistics costs.


That's it for EMEA. All of it is consistent with the Packaging sections in the country specific sub-websites of www.hp.com/recycle

APJ: For some APJ countries, we offer free packaging recycling shipped with hardware.

AMS: packaging recycling service in Amrica/Canada. Check for availability in other countries.

Link below shows where and how a request for packaging recycling can be submitted:  http://h30248.www3.hp.com/recycle/hardware/pack.asp