To fully address social and environmental issues in our supply chain, we aim to communicate with workers and management to understand their questions, concerns, and priorities. We train our procurement teams, supplier managers, and other employees to be vigilant and report instances of practices that violate our standards.

In 2019, we launched a two-year program in collaboration with Verité, an international nonprofit that promotes safe, fair, and legal working conditions in global supply chains. This program supports worker wellbeing by strengthening health and safety knowledge and equipping workers with the tools and skills needed to grow professionally and personally. During the year, we completed assessments at three factories, developed an implementation plan, and administered two-day ambassador training on-site. The worker wellbeing program will directly reach 2,300 workers, with the potential to reach more than 10,000 workers.

In 2018, we collaborated to help ensure that workers understood and acted on their rights. For example:

•             Through a large-scale program of coaching, training, and capability building, a small but critical sub-tier component supplier went from having concerning working conditions to reaching a preferred audit score in April 2018.

•             Improved communication and longer lead times between HP and one of our final assembly suppliers have led to better scheduling and less volatility, with workers now assigned 8-hour instead of 12-hour shifts. Training has also been conducted to strengthen workers’ awareness of the right to refuse overtime without repercussions. Training was held with 450 migrant workers about their rights. The supplier also transitioned temporary workers to refuse overtime without repercussions.

Moreover, working with U.S. truckers to fight human trafficking - Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) sees individual truckers as vital eyes and ears in the fight against human trafficking. TAT helps to combat trafficking in the United States by educating and mobilizing members of the trucking and busing industries and coordinating with law enforcement agencies.

We support innovative and effective initiatives such as TAT to combat forced labor wherever it exists. Most of HP’s U.S. trucking vendors have signed up to the TAT initiative, and several are sponsors. We are one of the few shippers that participate directly and are committed to ensuring that all carriers moving HP products in the United States take the training.