All people are entitled to respect, dignity, and freedom from discrimination and harassment, as well as fair, safe labor conditions and freely chosen work. Uncovering and addressing complex supply chain risks such as forced labor and excessive working hours is essential and challenging work. For example, through our partnership with the Responsible Labor Initiative, we are working to certify recruitment agencies and train them on proper practices that uphold workers’ rights. HP also requires its suppliers to reimburse workers for fees charged by these agencies

While all suppliers are expected to meet – and may be required to demonstrate that they meet – the standards set forth in our Supplier Code of Conduct, we place special emphasis on the treatment of foreign migrant workers in our supply chain. To evaluate risks related to modern slavery and conformity to our Foreign Migrant Worker Standard, we analyze indicators such as employment of vulnerable worker groups and the use of third party agents in the recruitment or management of workers. Our manufacturing supplier risk assessment for foreign migrant workers considers supplier location, manufacturing process, supplier reputational and business information, and external stakeholder information. 

Furthermore, we continually deepen our understanding of the social and economic factors that lead to labor concerns, and then focus on areas of risk where we can have the most influence. We collaborate with organizations and government agencies with local expertise to promote long-term, scalable solutions.