We have ongoing communication and dialogue regarding social and environmental performance with suppliers throughout the entire business relationship. Our code of conduct requires that “training is provided to all workers prior to the beginning of work and regularly thereafter.” It also outlines required specialized trainings for workers who require personal protective equipment and/or machine safeguarding. Aside from regular supplier trainings for employees, HP hosts regular education, coaching, and capability building with both suppliers and their workers. Suppliers receive guidance of HP’s social and environmental requirements and we collaborate to meet new and emerging expectations such as conflict minerals reporting, greenhouse gas emission goal setting, and guidelines for the hiring and management of migrant workers. HP has round table discussions with suppliers to assure that they not only understand our expectations but increase their capacity to meet them. For example, every 2 years, we host an environmental summit with over 40 suppliers, including companies in the sub tier, and share best practices and set short term environmental goals.