HP’s Sustainable Impact Report provides a comprehensive look at HP’s policies and practices, including HP’s Supply Chain Responsibility program. HP will publish its next report in June, reflecting the previous year’s performance and progress against our sustainability goals. 

The report is an opportunity for the company to transparently communicate with its partners, suppliers, and stakeholders the work that goes into identifying and overcoming some of society’s greatest challenges. We want to share the experiences we gain and challenges we face along the way to continue conversations and actions that will build respect for human rights and the environment.

As HP relies on one of the IT industry’s largest supply chains, made up of hundreds of production suppliers and thousands of nonproduction suppliers, an ethical, sustainable, and resilient supply chain protects our business and brand, strengthens customer relationships, and creates opportunities to innovate.

We insist that all workers receive fair treatment, freely chosen employment, and safe working conditions. To reduce environmental impact, we collaborate with suppliers to decrease GHG emissions, water use, and waste.

The strength of our supply chain responsibility program enables us to meet and exceed customer expectations, in 2018, more than $2.5 billion in new, retained, and potential revenue took supply chain responsibility into account.

For an overview of our management approach in this area, including areas such as risk assessment, policies and standards, continuous improvement, capability building, external collaboration, and reporting see Our approach to a sustainable supply chain.