HP's social and environmental policies for suppliers:

HP Student and Dispatch Worker Standard for Supplier Facilities in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) defines specific requirements for employment of student and dispatch workers at supplier facilities in China.

HP Supply Chain Foreign Migrant Worker Standard addresses the vulnerable position of migrant workers traveling to foreign countries for work by requiring the direct employment of foreign migrant workers in its supply chain, as well as prohibiting retention of worker passports and personal documentation, and eliminating of worker-paid recruitment fees.

HP General Specification for the Environment defines substance and materials requirements for parts and components that are used in HP products, packaging, and manufacturing processes.

HP Reuse and Recycling Standards define requirements for transportation, treatment, and disposal of IT hardware and printing supplies on our behalf. We require suppliers to operate ethically and with respect for the environment and human health and safety. The goal is to maximize reuse and recycling, minimize waste, and ensure information security. Suppliers must commit to conformance with HP standards and applicable laws, and demonstrate management systems to ensure success