Please note that Safety Data Sheets (SDS formally known as MSDS) contain safety information about materials such as physical, chemical and toxicological properties, regulatory information, and recommendations to ensure safe handling. To obtain the respective SDS, please visit the HP SDS site at:


To find the respective SDS, you would need to identify the product’s part number first and then browse in our online database. From the drop-down menu of the website, you can also select country and language.


Please keep in mind that some of the cartridges with an “A” at the end have been replaced by a “SERIES” cartridge. Also, please be advised that twin packs/combo packs are not listed on our website. Please identify the part number of the individual cartridges within the pack and browse our online database the same way as described above.

In addition, many HP products have an environmental profile and an IT eco declaration, which provide product specific environmental information.